Align:start welcome to jsb healthcare YouTube channel today we are going to demonstrate the working of the jsb MZ 11 full body massage chair with zero gravity recliner which helps you to relax and rejuvenate this massage chair has dedicated mossad routines which you can customize as per your needs also it's zero gravity massage will ensure maximum comfort and relaxation after a hard day at work not to forget the comprehensive control panel which lets you to choose different modes

and massage techniques with a live representation of the massage functions on the LCD screen when you receive the massage chair its arms part will be detached for transportation you just have to assemble the two armrests to either sides to do so simply connect the airpipe of the arms panel to the airpipe of the massage chair then clip the grooves on the side arms to the two groups of the massage chair similarly do this for the other arm panel as well now that setup is complete let's plug in the electricity supply and turn on the massage chair master power button then connect the control panel wire at the rear end of the massage chair as you can see this jsb massage chair is equipped with rear wheels for easy transportation of the device within your home to start using first sit comfortably on the chair and then press the power button on the control panel the massage chair will recline to 45 degrees which is the start position this GSB massage chair is equipped with four auto modes and many manual modes wherever you can turn on or off any massage function or

increase of decrease the intensity of any feature when you press Auto one the rollers move up and down your spine to measure your spine length once done the massage chair gives 8 beeps after which the back massager starts simultaneously the airbags in the feet arms and shoulder inflate air and work in tandem to give you a complete full-body massage if you are feeling tired after a hard day work at office and your back aches the auto - mode is made for you press the auto - mode button and the massage rollers will work dedicatedly on your lower back similarly if you have a history of neck or cervical pain then we suggest you go for auto 3 mode in which the massage rollers work dedicatedly on your neck and shoulder region along with other airbag functions each auto mode is predefined to a 15 minute cycle after you have

tried the auto 1 2 & 3 modes you can try Auto 4 mode which is a stretching mode when you press Auto 4 the foot massager airbags inflate to hold your feet firmly then they recline and so does the back part to give you a nice stretching massage this mode can be best enjoyed when you get up in the morning or when you want to relax after a busy day now the best part of this recliner chair is that you can customize the massage modes as per your needs to start using the manual modes press the manual button then press select button to turn on the back kneading massage when you press select again the rollers will perform a camping massage you can choose to take both massage modes together by pressing select again to increase or decrease the roller intensity press the up or down buttons respectively you can also select to turn on only the foot airbag massager or only the arms airbag massage to increase or decrease the airbag pressure press the airbag pressure button interestingly this massage chair comes packed with spot massage feature whereby

you can work on specific points on your back and neck to turn on the spot massage feature press sport massage button then long press up or down button to adjust the back roller position when you leave the arrow button the rollers will concentrate on that part of your back neck as we said in the beginning of this video this massage chair is equipped with a dedicated back massager mode by pressing the dotted button repeatedly you can make the massage rollers work on your upper back lower back lower back plus hips and your full back to add to the customization of the chair you can incline or decline the footrest part without reclining the back massager part which is very effective for people with short hide to incline or decline the footrest part press the incline or decline button moreover the footrest part can be pushed up to 10 inches if you would like to not to forget the zero gravity massage in standby

condition press zero gravity button once to recline the chair to g1 angle similarly you can choose to recline the chair to g2 or g3 levels by pressing the button again the chair will recline up to maximum 170 degrees as per us NASA research often lots leaving for space are seated in a zero gravity position in which their spine takes minimal stress you can adjust the time for any mode by pressing the time button you can select between 5 10 20 and 30 minutes you can also pause a mode to resume it later hope you enjoyed this video please share this video with your friends and click the like button or send us your comments or suggestions about this product we will be more than happy to assist you the more information log onto for